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  1. Finis Instinct Sculling Paddles
    Our Price US$19.77 MSRP US$23.48
  2. Arena Junior Training Fins - Pink
    Our Price US$28.43
  3. Arena Elite Hand Paddle 2 - Acid Lime/Black
    Our Price US$21.01 MSRP US$23.48
  4. Arena Elite Hand Paddle 2 - Black/White
    Our Price US$21.01 MSRP US$23.48
  5. Sirip Latihan Pembakar EPB TYR
    Our Price US$21.01 MSRP US$39.56
  6. TYR Catalyst Connect Training Paddles
    Our Price US$10.50 MSRP US$19.78
  7. TYR Burner Fin 2.0 - Hitam
    Our Price US$38.32 MSRP US$46.97
  8. FINIS Manta Berenang Paddle
    Our Price US$27.19 MSRP US$35.85
  9. Arena Powerfin Pro - Merah/ Putih/ Hitam
    Our Price US$63.05 MSRP US$89.02
  10. Arena Powerfin Pro - Putih/ Jerung
    Our Price US$63.05 MSRP US$89.02
  11. Arena Powerfin Pro - Biru/ Kuning
    Our Price US$63.05 MSRP US$89.02
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If you're swimming for fitness or as part of a club, you're going to need suitable swimming equipment for your training sessions

Our range of swimming gear is extensive so you'll always find a good choice, whether you're looking for a kickboard, pull buoy, swimming flippers, hand paddles or some more specialist swim training equipment - we've got a wide range at competitive prices!

Try the BluCore Corsuit for tactile posture feedback, or the Tempo Trainer Pro to get your stroke timings right. Start shopping with us and check out our huge range of swim training kit today!

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